Country Mile Travel, LLC.

Art is a Texan by birth as well as a Die-Hard Aggie (Gig'em). After serving a long 21 Years in the US Army as an Infantryman and MH-47 Chinook Helicopter Crewmember, his employment afterword brought him to sunny Corpus Christi, Texas. He and his wife, Kimberly, live on North Padre Island where they both work and play and apparently have a lot of time to Vacation! As a Corporate Salesman, Art is on the road a lot, so vacationing and Fishing is something that he makes sure to find the time for. Art is an avid fisherman and fishes frequently, since his home is the water! He loves to go cruising and loves the Caribbean and tries to visit frequently. He's a strong connoisseur of Craft Whiskeys and indulges a bit in Wine as well.

Kimberly is also a Texan by birth being originally from Lubbock. After her approximately 10 year stint in the US Army as a Captain, she also sought employment after that time as a Registered Nurse...something she did in the Army as well. She obtained her Masters Degree in Nursing and currently still works as a Registered Nurse and loves to Vacation and play on the beach with her Hubby. She's also been known to fish a time or two as well! Her other hobby is Wine, from what we hear...SSSHHH.

This company is owned by TWO Retired Army Veterans, which means that you will get the Vacation that you need and have been dreaming of due to the dedication these two have to the industry!

Ready to plan your dream vacation?